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Re: How to fix incomplete installation of DebianEdu Stretch?

>> I there a way I can complete my installation with the failed two parts?
> Most probably: yes; run 'debian-edu-ltsp --arch i386' on the main
> server. It will take a long time.
> Run 'cfengine-debian-edu -D installation' after the LTSP image has been
> built.
> Good luck,

Hi Wolfgang,

I tried to recreate ?LTSP chroot? using ?debian-edu-ltsp --arch i386? as

I agree that it takes long but the problem I was facing is storage.

Data is stored in /opt/ltsp/i386. However, this partition is by default
just about 1gb big and can therefore not keep all required data.

I could hack /usr/sbin/debian-edu-ltsp but I don?t really understand the
implications. Therefore I rather not go there.

What do you suggest?

Kind regards,

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