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Bug#876376: debian-edu: autofs daemon on combined server breaks homes and NFS

Hi Nik

On  Do 21 Sep 2017 15:40:57 CEST, Dominik George wrote:

Source: debian-edu
Version: 1.924
Severity: important
Tags: patch

When updating a jessie combined server (a machine with the Main Server,
LTSP-Server *and* Workstation profiles), autofs-ldap is pulled in as
Recommends from education-networked-common. Enabling autofs and
autofs-ldap on tjener results in /skole being hidden by the autofs

TL;DR; Please revert your change that hard-codes tjener in debian-edu.git (42b28ab02). Here is why...

10:00 < h01ger> sunweaver: also a comment on Natureshadow's (yet unuploaded) commit in src:debian-edu.git would be appreciated. i dont like the hardcoding of tjener in it, plus its probably not needed(?), at least according to wolfgang, though Natureshadow somewhat disagrees
10:01 < h01ger> #876376 is the relevant bug
10:02 -zwiebelbot:#debian-edu- Debian#876376: debian-edu: autofs daemon on combined server breaks homes and NFS - https://bugs.debian.org/876376 10:12 < sunweaver> h01ger: I just chatted with jonas, d-e-a-spacefun will be the first uniform package consumer.
10:12 < sunweaver> see the Debian Design BoF at dc17
10:12 < sunweaver> so, I'm happy.
10:14 < sunweaver> oh  oh the commit is nasty.
10:14 * sunweaver thinks about a more generic solution while hoovering...
10:15 < sunweaver> Natureshadow: ^^^
10:16 < sunweaver> what is bad about it... is the original cause...
10:17 < sunweaver> physical homes are in /home on TJENER.
10:17 < sunweaver> symlinked to /srv/nfs4
10:17 < sunweaver> those get exported by NFSv4.
10:17 < sunweaver> and /skole should only be managed by autofs.
10:17 < sunweaver> if autofs realizes that a mount point would end up on the same host, it normally uses bind mounts. 10:18 < sunweaver> so the question is, why does autofs f*** up things on NatureShadow's setup in the first place. 10:18 < sunweaver> The patch IMHO is wrong and shadowing some other, maybe even more severe issue.
10:18 < sunweaver> Natureshadow: please revert!
10:24 -!- pere <~pere@cm-> has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds) 10:44 < sunweaver> Natureshadow: h01ger: I assume you put files into /skole somewhere and tried to export those over NFSv4. This is conceptually wrong. 10:44 < sunweaver> Only folder under /skole that may contain physical files is the /skole/backup dir.
10:44 < sunweaver> the others are mere mount points
10:45 -!- olinuxx <~capturixe@2a01:cb11:416:ed00:49d0:dd6e:15ac:ab4d> has quit (Ping timeout: 480 seconds) 10:45 < sunweaver> we put files into /srv/files and symlink those folders to /srv/nfs4. Then we export /srv/nfs4 and subfolders via NFSv4 and extra automount rules to LDAP for these extra mount targets. Under /skole/ we had extra empty dirs as mount points.
10:45 < sunweaver> e.g. /skole/transfer
10:45 < sunweaver> /skole/tjener/transfer, actually.
10:46 < sunweaver> /skole/tjener/home1 (for teachers), /skole/tjener/group0 for student+teacher groups and /skole/tjener/group1 for teachers-only groups. 10:46 < sunweaver> so, please undo that commit and let's see what's causing the problem on your system. I assume, you used /skole as physical file storage.


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