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Bug#859780: debian-edu: remove education-lang-??-desktop-kde metapackages for Buster

Hi Petter,

On  Sa 12 Aug 2017 08:22:09 CEST, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[Holger Levsen]
I might miss something, but as far as I can the education-lang-??-desktop-kde
packages are completly useless?

I am confused by your finding here.  When Mike removed the tasks in commit
75cb6e786bf9f0ffcdb70017387b884c9dc7fb91, the following recommended packages
from the tasks were droped: kde-l10n-da, kde-l10n-de, kde-l10n-es, kde-l10n-fr, kde-l10n-he, kde-l10n-it, kde-l10n-ja, kde-l10n-nn, kde-l10n-nb and kde-l10n-zhtw.

This make me suspect that the tasks are not useless, and is used to make sure
the required translation packages are installed by d-i.

I guess it will become obvious during testing when installing Chinese or Danish KDE. If the KDE desktop is translated after installataion, it still work as it

Hmmm... Personally, I don't see the point having education-lang-??-desktop-kde packages that install kde-l10n-?? as the only dependency.

Ideally, a Dutch (e.g.) desktop has all Dutch translations in place, possibly even for desktop environments / applications, not yet installed.

So, if any translations for specific packages are missing on a Debian Edu system, I'd rather love to see them added to the generic education-lang-??-desktop packages, and not have -kde packages separately.

What do I miss here?


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