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Bug#859780: debian-edu: remove education-lang-??-desktop-kde metapackages for Buster

Control: clone -1 -2
Control: retitle -1 Revisit language tasks in Debian Edu

Hi Holger, hi Petter,

On  Sa 05 Aug 2017 23:12:09 CEST, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

I no longer remember the details, but I have vague memories of the idea
behind these tasks/metapackages being to have a mechanism to only install
the relevant KDE translation packages when installing KDE.  No idea if it
was ever done for all or any languages, but it seem like a good idea to
avoid having to pull in KDE translations when installing LXDE or XFCE. :)

Perhaps it is already solved some other way? I do not know. Perhaps something
to check out and verify before removing them?

the current situation is, that the most common languages for a KDE desktop get pulled in via task "desktop-kde". The lang-??-desktop-kde tasks do heavily overlap with the package deps in desktop-kde.

So basically, removing the lang-??-desktop-kde tasks definitely makes sense (which I will do).

In fact, the desktop-other task pulls in a plentitude of localization packages, which rather should be in lang-desktop-?? IMHO.

The question is, do we want a Debian Edu system to support all languages, or at least the common ones? Or do we want to limit the language support and make other languages post-DI installable?

My impulse is, to have many languages supported out of the box, to the cost of larger installation images.

If that is the way to go, then we need to move exotic languages into task files, and the "common" (en, de, es, fr, ...) into e.g. desktop-other directly.

I'll remove the kde language packages for now as those are definitely redundant.

And a language task for an exotic language should simply pull in as many localization packages for that specific language as possible. Given that those l10n packages don't pull in a load of other packages they are the translation for.

Needs further investigation, I guess, thus cloning + retitling this bug.

Please send replies to the old bug (-1) as I will set (-2) to pending via a coming commit in some minutes.


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