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Bug#860730: debian-edu: cleanup debian-edu metapackages from dummy transitional packages

On Wed, Apr 19, 2017 at 03:27:25PM +0200, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> There are some more transitional dummy (or sometimes named: dummy
> transitional) packages.

triggered by #859531 I made the jenkins chroot-installation jobs for 
sid complain about transitional packages, that is, these jobs won't fail if
transitional packages are installed, but they turn "unstable" (yellow).

These are nicely visible as "downstream projects" on
but beware, this is currently not uptodate despite being from today, 
because in the meantime I ignored some more transitional packages
in these tests, as they are unlikely to be fixed for stretch.

I will look at these results tomorrow again and tune some more!

Right now, these traditional packages are ignored:

#  ttf-freefont transfig libpango1.0-0 dh-systemd jadetex libkutils4 libpcap-dev netcat multiarch-support

It is planned to not ignore them again, once buster development has started.

Only "netcat" OTOH is a direct depends of a debian-edu package. I've choosen
to ignore this for now, as netcat depends on netcat-traditional but
netcat-openbsd also provides netcat, so I feared there might be situations
where some strange depends make us install netcat-openbsd and then we
unkowningly rely on it. Unlikely? Yes. But not impossible and given the
freeze I want to be safe here.

(I believe it's ok to replace traditional depends still now in the release
process, *if* it's totally straightforward…)

> Packages (dummy -> real):
> gnupg2 -> gnupg

So I wouldn't want to fix this one now… way too risky.

> myspell-en-gb -> hunspell-en-gb
> myspell-it -> hunspell-it
> myspell-ca -> hunspell-ca

these are very likely fine. (I was just surprised yesterday, that not all
myspell packages did that transition…)

> dia-gnome -> dia
> evince-gtk -> evince

these probably too, but I would like to double-check… 

> kde-config-touchpad (depends: plasma-workspace), remove

sounds ok

> nagios-plugins-standard -> monitoring-plugins-standard

sounds ok.


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