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Bug#859780: debian-edu: remove education-lang-??-desktop-kde metapackages for Buster

Package: debian-edu
Version: 1.923
Severity: normal


I might miss something, but as far as I can the education-lang-??-desktop-kde
packages are completly useless? 

They only depend on education-taks, but so do the education-lang-??-desktop
and education-lang-?? packages as well. (Those packages also have other

And those education-lang-??-desktop-kde packages also contain no files, except
/usr/share/blends/tasks/education/lang-??-desktop which contains the name of
the (useless) task.

So I cannot see how these packages do anything useful at all, but I also think
this change is too risky for Stretch, so let's revisit this for Buster.


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