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Bug#859405: breaks our default setup

control: severity -1 serious
# justification: see below

 <h01ger> | schweer: what's the impact of #859405? what breaks / why isnt it RC?
-  zwiebelbot- | (#debian-edu) Debian#859405: debian-edu-config: update-hostname-from-ip fails to get IP because ifconfig output has changed - https://bugs.debian.org/859405
<schweer> | h01ger: afaict 859405 breaks hostname consistency (GOsa/localhost); in more advanced setups an FQDN might be needed for a dedicated service. So the bug might qualify as RC as well.
        * | h01ger nods
 <h01ger> | it breaks the default install/setup too, so i think thats RC indeed


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