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Bug#855587: debian-edu: please add education-desktop-lxqt metapackage (post stretch)

Package: src:debian-edu
Severity: wishlist


<h01ger>  | any idea about the shipped lxde version?
<h01ger>  | wikipedia/LXDE also says it has been superseeded by lxqt… i wonder if also in stretch? (and if so, why do we ship both?)
<schweer> | h01ger: we ship lxde only, no metapackage 'education-desktop-lxqt', both task-desktop-lxde and t-d-lxqt exist in stretch.
<h01ger>  | schweer: i know :) i just wonder if we should start shipping education-desktop-lxqt now or post stretch…
<h01ger>  | (and whether the release team would be fine with that…)
<schweer> | h01ger: in Oslo we talked about both, seemed to be too late for qt.
<h01ger>  | ah, ok
        * | h01ger scratches the idea from his mind
<schweer> | h01ger: we talked about it as an alternative to KDE

filing a bug so we remember to do this for Buster :)


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