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Bug#855160: notes for Edu manual

package: debian-edu-doc
severity: wishlist
owner: victory <victory.deb@gmail.com>


so that these notes dont get forgotten…

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Date: Fri, 13 Jan 2017 21:28:59 +0900
From: victory <victory.deb@gmail.com>
To: debian-edu@lists.debian.org
Subject: notes for Edu manual
List-Id: <debian-edu.lists.debian.org>

notes for Edu manual

= [changelog] =
 debian-edu-doc (1.902~20160706) unstable; urgency=medium
 * * Add common/dblatex.xls for the Xetex build. Thanks to victory.
 . xls

= [tjener and main server] =
 . these should be "main server"
 * [6.5 Screenshot tour]
 . So here is a screenshot tour through ... first boot of the tjener
 * [7.5 Machine Management with GOsa²]
 . predefined fixed addresses: (tjener)
 * [11.2 Backup Management]
 . backup server (tjener by default).
 . By default tjener will back up
 * [15.1.1 Create Users in Year Groups]
 . <emphasis>(as root on Tjener) </emphasis>
 * [17.2.4 Separate main and LTSP server]
 . when tjener is not a combined server, follow these steps:
 . ltspserver00 to the same directory on tjener.
 . copy <computeroutput>/var/lib/tftpboot/debian-edu/default-diskless.cfg</computeroutput> to the same directory on tjener.
 . on tjener to point to <computeroutput>/var/lib/tftpboot/debian-edu/default-diskless.cfg</computeroutput>.
 * [17.4.5 Use printers attachted to LTSP clients]
 . <computeroutput>https://www:631</computeroutput> on tjener;
 * [17.6.1 Joining a domain]
 . (you can use the Squid proxy cache installed on tjener instead)
 * [ User groups in Windows]
 . which resides on tjener in 
 * [17.6.2 XP home]
 . can still connect to tjener using their skolelinux credentials,
 . before tjener will appear in Network Neighbourhood
 * [ Example smb.conf files for roaming profiles]
 . the installation on tjener under 
 * [ Global policies for roaming profiles]
 . your netlogon share on tjener.
 . If you put such a file on tjener
 * [ Disabling roaming in smb.conf]
 . You can alter the <computeroutput>smb.conf</computeroutput> file on tjener
 * [18.2 Domain Membership]
 . To use Samba on TJENER as a domain controller,
 . To enable this account log on to TJENER as the first user
 * [19.5.1 Providing the repository on tjener]
 . Providing the repository on tjener

= [2.1 Some history and why two names] =

= [3.1.1 The default network setup] =
 * This is designed to be modified - that is, you can have the NFS-root in syslinux point to one of the LTSP servers or change the DHCP next-server option (stored in LDAP) to have clients directly boot via PXE from the terminal server.
 . syslinux, point

= [3.1.3 Services running on the main server] =

= [3.2 Administration] =
 * (root not allowed by default)
 . maybe: (root log-in not allowed by default)

= [3.2.1 Installation] =
 * The aim is to be able to install a server from any type medium once, and install all other clients over the network by booting from the network.
 . type of

= [4 Requirements] =
= [4.1 Hardware requirements] =
 * eth1 is used for serving LTSP clients ( as default, but others are possible. 
 . missing )

= [5.2 Internet router] =
 * Check the OpenWRT webpages for a list of <ulink url="http://wiki.openwrt.org/TableOfHardware";>supported hardware</ulink>.
 . http://wiki.openwrt.org/TableOfHardware -> http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/start

= [Installation] =
= [6.2.2 USB drive ISO image for i386 and amd64] =
 * Please note that internet access during installation is needed.
 . internet access is needed during installation

= [6.4.1 Select type of installation] =
 * Advanced options > gives a sub menu with more detailed options to choose
 * Help gives some hints on using the installer
 . these 2 lack "."

= [6.4.2 The installation process] =
 * Choose a language (for the installation and the installed system)
 * Choose a location which normally should be the location where you live.
 * Choose a keyboard keymap (the country's default is usually fine)
 * Choose profile(s) from the following list:
 . some items lack "."
 * You must only install one main server per school!
 . only<->install
 * Please note that you must have 2 network cards installed in a machine which is going to be installed as a combined main server or as a thin client server to become usefull after the installation.
 . it should say interfaces instead of cards
 . usefull

= [ A note on thin-client-server installations] =
 . looks like this has note*s*

= [7 GettingStarted] =
= [7.1 Minimum steps to get started] =
 * It covers how to perform these minumum steps correctly as well, as other stuff that everybody will probably need to do.
 . s/,//
 . minumum

= [7.5 Machine Management with GOsa²] =
 * Only workstations with disks <emphasis role="strong">have</emphasis> to be added with GOsa²,
 . it should surround "have to"
 * Please note, that the IP addresses shown after usage of <computeroutput>sitesummary2ldapdhcp</computeroutput> belong to the dynamic IP range. 
 . after use of
 * These systems can then be modified though to suit your network:
 . what's "though"?
 * add it to netgroups, if needed; reboot the system afterwards.
 . s/,//  s/;/,/

= [7.5.2 Modify existing machines / Netgroup management] =
 * Remember to configure workstations and ltsp-servers properly with GOsa²,
 . should be LTSP-servers unless "ltsp-servers" is vars or something
 * Debian Edu machines in this group will only be allowed to connect to machines on the local network.
 . only should be just before "on"

= [11.3 Server Monitoring] =
= [11.3.1 Munin] =
 * <computeroutput>munin-node-configure</computeroutput> program, which probes
 . s/,//

= [12.2 Upgrades from Debian Edu Jessie] =
 * Read all debconf information carefully, choose 'keep the local version currently installed';
 . apt:
 .  #: src/configure.c
 .  #, c-format
 .  msgid ""
 .  "   What would you like to do about it ?  Your options are:\n"
 .  "    Y or I  : install the package maintainer's version\n"
 .  "    N or O  : keep your currently-installed version\n"

= [12.3 Upgrades from older Debian Edu / Skolelinux installations (before Jessie)] =
 * (Lenny was it's name 
 . its

= [13 HowTo] =
= [14 general administration HowTo] =
= [14.7 Using stable-updates] =
 * Since the Squeeze release in 2011, Debian has included packages formerly maintained in volatile.debian.org in the <ulink url="http://wiki.debian.org/StableUpdates";>stable-updates suite</ulink>.
 . these versions need wheezy version to be based release, which never had it
 * stable-updates are pushed into the stable suite regularily 
 . regularly

= [14.8 Using backports.debian.org to install newer software] =
 . s/.debian.org//
 * but since 2011 this [[<ulink url="http://backports.debian.org/news/squeeze-backports_and_lenny-backports-sloppy_started/|is"/> not needed anymore].
 . parenthesis and wiki markup is broken

= [14.9 Upgrading with a CD or similar image] =
 * apt-cdrom is used to add a new CDROM to APTs list of available sources.
 . apt-cdrom is used to add a new CD-ROM to APT's list of available sources.
 * It is necessary to use apt-cdrom to add CDs to the APT system, it cannot be done by hand.
 . It is necessary to use apt-cdrom to add CDs to the APT system; it cannot be done by hand.
 * Furthermore each disk in a multi-cd set must be inserted and scanned separately to account for possible mis-burns.
 . Furthermore each disc in a multi-CD set must be inserted and scanned separately to account for possible mis-burns.

= [14.10 Automatic cleanup of leftover processes] =
 * <computeroutput>killer</computeroutput> is is a perl script
 . killer is is

= [15 Advanced administration] =
 . missing "howto"

= [15.1.1 Create Users in Year Groups] =
 * In this example we want to create users in year groups, with common home directories for each group (home0/2014, home0/2015, etc.)
 . ).
 * An Entry <computeroutput>'NewStudent'</computeroutput> should show up
 . are the quotes part of value of the field?
 * notice all entries showing up in the Generic, POSIX and Samba tabs, maybe take screenshots.
 . take screenshots?
 . maybe this is comment as FIXME?

= [15.2 Other User Customisations] =
= [15.2.2 Easy access to USB drives and CDROMs/DVDs] =
 * When users insert a USB drive or a DVD / CDROM into a (diskless) "
 * When users insert a USB drive or a DVD / CDROM into a thin client
 * easy access to USB drives, CDROM / DVD or whatever media is connected to the thin client.
 . CD-ROM or just CD

= [ A warning about removable media on LTSP servers] =
 * This is being tracked as <ulink url="http://bugs.skolelinux.org/1376";>Debian Edu bug #1376</ulink>.
 . no-more-to-be-used bts

= [15.3 Use a dedicated storage server] =
 * Add a new system of type server using GOsa² as outlined 
 . new type of?
 * Create the mount directories using <computeroutput>mkdir</computeroutput>
 . "to be mounted" directories

= [15.4.1 Setup without LTSP clients] =
 * If no LTSP clients are used a simple solution is to create a new group 
 . used,
 * Create a group <computeroutput>sshusers</computeroutput> on the root level
 . is that "root level" differ than base level?

= [15.4.2 Setup with LTSP clients] =
 * Note: someone pluging in his box into the dedicated LTSP client network(s) 
 . s/into/within/?

= [16.2 Using KDE "Plasma", GNOME, LXDE, Xfce and/or MATE together] =
 * The usage of LXDE as default
 . use of
 * <link linkend="Installation--The_installation_process">
 . maybe Additional_boot_parameters_for_installations instead of The_installation_process

= [16.5 Using the multimedia repository] =
 * To use www.deb-multimedia.org do the following:
 . do not say www

= [17. HowTo/NetworkClients] =
= [17.1 Introduction to thin clients and diskless workstations] =
 * Unlike workstations, diskless workstations run without any need to add them with GOsa², cause LDM is used to login and connect to the  LTSP server.
 . s/cause /because /

 * The following steps can be used to get back the behaviour from Debian Edu Squeeze, using automount, NFS and a display manager other than ldm:"
 . cool, so Debian Edu can upgrade directly from squeeze to stretch!?

= [17.4.1 LTSP client configuration in LDAP (and lts.conf)] =
 * To force usage of a specific xserver on an LTSP client,
 . use of

= [17.4.3 Load-balancing LTSP servers] =
= [ Part 1] =
 * as a script printing one or more servers for LDM to connect to.
 . victory > maybe s/print/point/ ?
 . pere > victory: no, but perhaps s/printing/printing list of/
 . pere > victory: the script should output hostnames, one per line.
 . victory > script which generates server list
 * How this is done you decide  later on."
 . you will decide later how this is done

= [17.4.5 Use printers attachted to LTSP clients] =
 . using
 . ..ted
 * lts.conf (default location: <computeroutput>/opt/ltsp/i386/etc/lts.conf</computeroutput>,
 . missing ")"

= [17.4.7 Slow login and security] =
 * Although it's not recommended, you can add the value "True" in the 
 . incomplete string; saying only value w/o key is useless; add the value for what? maybe it should be like "you can add a line ... to not use SSH"

= [ Machine policies for roaming profiles] =
 * Copy <computeroutput>c:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy
 . C:\Windows\System32\GroupPolicy
 * Pick a freshly installed Windows computer, and run <computeroutput>gpedit.msc</computeroutput>
 . it is not available on Home editions

= [ Global policies for roaming profiles] =
 * you can can create a Policy file
 . can can

= [ Editing Windows registry] =
 * Mark a selection, right-click, and select "Export".
 . context-menu (appears when right-click'ed) does not have it; it has only modify, delete, rename
 . to export, select "File" -> "Export" from menu
 * http://technet2.microsoft.com/windowsserver/en/technologies/featured/gp/default.mspx
 * http://isg.ee.ethz.ch/tools/realmen/det/skel.en.html
 * http://www.css.taylor.edu/~nehresma/samba.html
 . not found

= [ Redirecting using machine policies] =
 * You can use <computeroutput>gpedit.msc</computeroutput>
 . it is not available on Home editions

= [17.7.2 Available Remote Desktop clients] =
 * <computeroutput>freerdp-x11</computeroutput> is installed by default and is captable of RDP and VNC.
 . capable?

= [18.1 Getting Started] =
 * Samba (v3), since Debian Edu Wheezy (the previous release),
 . no need to say v3
 . "the previous release" for stretch is jessie only, so something like:
 . since the version in Wheezy, Samba (v3 at the time= [if you still want to say] =) has 
 * After installation of the Debian Edu main server
 . After installation of ... have done,
 . After installing ...

= [19 HowTo for teaching and learning] =
 * All the Debian packages on this page
 . "on this page" is not applied for pdf

= [19.3 Monitoring pupils] =
 * See also the iTALC Wiki (and the documentation in bug 511387).
 . no need to mention the already fixed (1:2.0.0-4 in jessie) bug#

= [19.5.3 Adding the SmartBoard software manually after installation] =
 * Using an editor add the following lines
 . editor, and add ...

= [20.1 Changing passwords] =
 * Using GOsa² to change the password ensures that ... passwords are the same.
 . passwords for ... are

= [20.3 HowTos for users] =
 * the adminstrator needs to configure
 . admin*i*strator

= [20.3.1 KMail] =
 * Close the tip of the day
 * Cancel the Account Assistant
 * Open Settings/Configure KMail
 * click OK
 * click add
 . strings from the UI should be quoted
 * check 'server requires authentication'
 . maybe "Server"
 * click add"
 . maybe "Add"

= [26.1. HowTo translate this document] =
 * (stretch only:)
 * More information about the process can be found in /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/README.debian-edu-jessie-manual-translations.
 * Then edit the file documentation/debian-edu-jessie/debian-edu-jessie-manual.$CC.po (replacing $CC with your language code).
 * Read /usr/share/doc/debian-edu-doc/README.debian-edu-jessie-manual-translations to find information how to create a new PO file for your language if there isn't one yet, and how to update translations.
 . jessie
 * There should be an entry like: 
 * Host git.debian.org
 * User <your-alioth-username>
 . should say like "Add a config block like this"
 * you just need to check out some files from Git
 . you need to check out only a few files from Git
 * and create patches
 . no need to be a patch, this phrase should just be deleted;
  . new translation does not have an original to compare
  . patch requires extra human resource after the po file changed since it submitted;
  . gettext tools can handle entire po file even when base docs changed;
 * You can find some <ulink url="http://bugs.debian.org";>instructions on how to submit bugs</ulink> here
 . the "here" is strange
 * Also you might want to look at the gitk package that provides a GUI for Git.
 . the link http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-Basics-Recording-Changes-to-the-Repository redirects to https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Basics-Recording-Changes-to-the-Repository
 . (jessie has 2.x)

= [28.4. Stuff to know] =
 * The password for the user is "user"; root has no passwd set. 
 . passwd

= #################################################### =
 . all contents below are not needed, though (previous 2 releases is enough)

= [29.4.1. User visible changes] =
 * See below for a list of updated software.
 . is this needed? seems useless as the title already says these are about changes
 * Add link to http://linuxsignpost.org/ on the start page shown to new users. 
 . it redirects to http://www.skolelinux.no/linux-signpost/showUserMenu.php
 * <ulink url="http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/ Documentation/Squeeze/HowTo/NetworkClients#Remote_Desktop_Service"
 . need to point squeeze?

= [29.4.10. Other changes] =
 * Root logins are denied for both KDM and GDM - see above and <ulink url="https://wiki.debian.org/DebianEdu/Documentation/Squeeze/GettingStarted#";
 . no KDM in the page 

= [29.6. New features in Debian Edu 5.0.4+edu0 Codename "Lenny" released 2010-02-08] =
 * <ulink url="http://blends.alioth.debian.org/edu/tasks/";>task overview page</ulink>.
 . redirects to: https://blends.debian.org/edu/tasks/
 * Improved student desktop with educational software shortcuts to GCompris, Kalzium, KGeography, KMplot, KStars, Stopmotion and OpenOffice Write and Impress.
 . most likely it is OpenOffice Write*r*
 . FTR: 2.4.1 final:
 . http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/pkg-openoffice/openoffice.org.git/tree/control?id=a7d2506200a711dc9fbf28f9c67ef193e7f24079
 . * openoffice.org-writer: Word processor
 * Improved diskless and thin client setup.
 * New startup menu letting users choose diskless workstation, thin client or workstation.
 * A diskless workstation option is installed but not activated by default on all servers with the LTSP-server profile.
 * Main-server is set up as a PXE server for booting thin clients and diskless workstations, and for installing to clients' hard or flash drives.
 . latter 3 belong to the 1st, dont it?
 * Multi-architecture (amd64/i386/powerpc) net installer CD.
 * (Most) Packages are downloaded over the Internet.
 * Multi-architecture (amd64/i386) installer DVD capable of installing without network. 
 . (Most)... belongs to the former, doesnt it?
 . this is contrast between CD and DVD:

= [29.9. New features in the "3.0r0 Terra" release 2007-07-22] =
 * Regression: swi-prolog is not part of Etch, but was part of Sarge. ...
 . no need to describe howto only for Etch in later releases

no need to CC me :-)

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