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Bug#854519: debian-edu: tasks/ltsp-server should depend on ltsp-server instead of ltsp-server-standalone

Source: debian-edu
Version: 1.919
Severity: important

As the package name implies, ltsp-server-standalone depends on several 
packages (and recommends other ones) which are needed for a standalone 
system -- but not for a complex one like Debian Edu. The related 
services like desktop environment, DHCP server, tftp server (to only 
name a few) are already installed by other tasks, e.g. the DHCP service 
is installed on the main server and configured using LDAP, the DE choice 
is configured via a kernel command line param. Due to these wrong 
Depends/Recommends MATE shows up as default DE although the user has 
chosen KDE Plasma. Same way openbox gets installed if Xfce is chosen as 
default DE. This behaviour is supposed to confuse users quite a lot.

For Debian Edu the package ltsp-server is the right choice; please 
adjust tasks/ltsp-server.


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