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New cfengine2 upload?


I took the liberty to update the cfengine2 package in collab-maint with
a few patches to reduce the severity of its release critical bug in
Debian, and fixed a few minor issues reported by lintian in the process.

Are the changes ok, and do you have time to make a new upload?

The cfengine2 package is a key package in Debian Edu, and we would
really like to ensure it do not disappear from Debian in Stretch.  In
time we plan to replace it with something more modern, but that is too
late for Stretch.

I'm unable to build the package directly from git with gbp buildpackage
because the master branch is missing the texinfo source.  Not quite sure
why this is the case, as the files seem to have been removed with the
import of version 2.2.10 in 2009.  My changes work when applied to the
source package in Debian, and it is possible to patch doc/Makefile.am to
avoid the build problem, but I did not dare to do so without consulting
with you to learn how you normally build the package.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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