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Re: Bug#488386: please provide an udeb for laptop-detect

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote...

> Is it still unclear why Debian Edu need the laptop-detect-udeb package?
> Can we please have it back, to allow us to drop our copy from the
> debian-edu-install package?

Now that laptop-detect has been orphaned I intend to do a QA upload in
about a week (aiming for stretch). So I found this old issue, it seems
sound, but I'm not sure whether it's is on the agenda, especially
since the related but #487404 was closed in the meantime.

Additionally, since Frans Pop stated in <200806281743.44118.elendil@planet.nl>:

| Also, adding a udeb is not up to Otavio as laptop-detect maintainer. Any 
| new udeb needs to be approved by the D-I team and thus discussed on the 
| debian-boot list.

... a few mails were sent to debian-boot@ as well but AFAICS without a
reaction. So any ACK/NACK from their side is appriciated as well.


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