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Bug#848142: default permissions on new HOMES (0755 -> 075[0|1])

[Mike Gabriel]
> Hi all,
> a very common complaint from our customers is that new HOMEs have 0755  
> as file permission and are accessible by other system users.

I grew up in a community where sharing was the norm and non-sharing was
explicit.  We used ~/pub/ for files intended for others and ~/priv/ for
files ment to be private.  The files in ~/ (normally configuration etc)
was accessable to others by default, so we could learn from each other
with little friction.  So to me it is natural for home directories to
have 0755.  I wish the kids of today would grow up in such community

> I'd suggest to change the default homedir permission for Debian Edu 9  
> from 0755 to 0750 (or 0751 and use a proper umask on the home mount  
> point).
> Furthermore, we could add a public_html folder and make that one  
> accessible by all. Plus the Public Folder.

What do you mean here?  How would this work with 0750?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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