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Re: please explain your changes to src:debian-edu

On 26.11.2016 14:51, Holger Levsen wrote:
> well, there is a 5th commit missing, I still have a local one here,
> which again does changes like this:
> -Depends: education-tasks (= ${binary:Version})
> +Depends: education-tasks (= ${source:Version}), ${misc:Depends}
> which were lost again. 

This is autogenerated with blends-dev (and something I didn't touch at
all). If the generated line is wrong, you probably should file a bug
against blends-dev. However, this is unrelated to the discussed change
at all.

>>> And then it's still unclear why. Please explain. Else I'll just this.
>> The tasks were buggy. Duplicated sections, mixed RFC822 and backslash
>> style led to missing dependencies.
> please explain in debian/changelog.
> Explaining here is nice, but not enough.

@Petter: would you? Or shall I?

>> What concerns the freeze: The bug #840094 was open since six weeks
>> basically without any response
> uhm. thats a problem of blends-dev, not debian-edu.

Since debian-edu build-depends on blends-dev, it is directly affected by
an RC bug.

>> From that, I really don't understand your frustration.
> let me try again:
> a.) incomplete changes, needing 4-5 fixup commits

As I said: it was part of the development process, which needed some
communication and distributed efforts. Git is a tool to do that. No
reason to be frustrated

> b.) with a nonsense commit message ("rfc834")

Yea, git push -f doesn't work. Then you always have the problem that a
wrong commit text is kept there.

> c.) no debian/changelog entry

This is depending on the policy: I tend to generate the changelog just
before the release.

> d.) a+b+c together: broken without explaination!
> e.) without any discussion on the debian-edu list (which is this
> packages maintenance list)

That is ofcourse true; however we had one of the edu developers in the loop.

> You might also add "f.) without a bug report" (referred).

That is true as well.



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