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Re: Maintenance of xrdp and Guacamole

Hi Nik, hi others,

On  Mi 12 Okt 2016 23:54:22 CEST, Mike Gabriel wrote:

Hi Nik,

On  Do 06 Okt 2016 19:56:36 CEST, Dominik George wrote:


On Thu, Oct 06, 2016 at 06:53:28PM +0200, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
I am not quite sure what kind of decision making process you are looking
for here, but given people on the team willing to work on the packages
under the Debian Edu umbrella, I so not really see the need for much
more consulting as long as no-one complaints.  There is not much
formalities involved, and few formalities seem like a good idea.  How do
you envison asking the team and getting a definite answer, given our
current team structure?

On Thu, Oct 06, 2016 at 05:46:27PM +0000, Holger Levsen wrote:
But we just did that, and noone complaint. The team was never asked
whether they want to assume maintainership ;).

that's not how our team works, instead, if you and me (or foo and bar
who are Debian Edu team members) decide we want to packages $pkg under
the Debian Edu umbrealla, we can do this, and it doesn't mean that
other team members are expected to join the maintance of that package.

I meant neither of that.

I simply thought it would be kind to give room for
objections/proposals/… before writing somone else's address into a
Maintainer field, be it a single human being or a team.


Thanks for asking and giving room.

Personally, I think that remote desktop stuff is often used at schools and Unis, so an edu-related team is a good starting spot for maintenance. This applies to xrdp and guacomole alike.

However, I think that we remote desktop lovers (like you and me and various others) should bundle our interests and coordinate our efforts better in a Debian team that is more explicitly dedicated to remote desktop magic. Remote desktop in many cases contradicts the strategies undertaken by people focusing on hardware based compositing and rendering. In Debian/Ubuntu, this new wave (Wayland, Mir, move every bit of rendering into GL, etc.) needs a counterpart: provide remote session support transparently over a local and a network stack alike.

As a side info, I plan to upload nx-libs 3.6.x (or 3.5.99.y) before the freeze. We (upstream) have reworked great portions of the code base and will have a remote session capable Xserver with that in Debian. Also, I maintain X2Go Client side stuff in Debian and am currently working on a framework that will bring much more flexibility into Linux's remote computing world. The project's name is The Arctica Project, but we won't make it for stretch with a minimal framework draft or such, unfortunately.

So basically, for Debian I think we should consider setting up a pkg-remote-computing team (or such) on Alioth and invite maintainers of remote session applications (remmina, xpra, X2Go, xrdp, tigervnc, freerdp,...) to join that team.

As another side note, I have heard rumours about a new RDP server appearing on the horizon (can't give any more details here, yet) that can launch X11 and Wayland based sessions alike.


I have just setup the pkg-remote team.

I'll take more time for announcing it, while being in Oslo next weekend.


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