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Bug#834719: debian-edu: the provided debian-edu-tasks.desc file is unusable to install the selected profile(s)

Source: debian-edu
Version: 1,903
Severity: important

Now that the Debian Installer allows to install pure blends and 
blends-dev generates an according tasks file, Debian Edu installation 
doesn't work anymore like expected.

This is the head of a diff (b: generated using blends-dev,
a: generated using blends-dev 0.6.93)
--- b/debian-edu-tasks.desc	2016-08-16 14:46:04.000000000 +0200
+++ a/debian-edu-tasks.desc	2016-08-09 23:08:40.000000000 +0200
@@ -1,2764 +1,409 @@
+Task: debian-edu
+Relevance: 7
+Section: debian-edu
+Description: Debian Edu Pure Blend
+ .
 Task: education-desktop-gnome
+Parent: debian-edu
 Section: debian-edu
 Description: Debian Edu GNOME desktop applications
  This metapackage depends on various GNOME office and desktop applications
  that are useful for teachers and their students.
-Relevance: 10
 Enhances: education-desktop-other
+Test-new-install: mark show
 Test-edu-preferred-desktop: gnome

(Similar for the other tasks.)

As far as I understand it, debian-edu is now added as parent for the 
Debian Edu tasks files and this causes the chosen profiles to be obsolete.

I figure the debian-edu-tasks desc file for stretch must be generated 
using the jessie blends-dev version if the new approach with blends 
install options in the Debian Installer stays as it is.


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