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Re: GOsa features required by Debian Edu

Hi Mike, hi Debian Edu,

thanks for the list. We were busy with customer projects and with
getting GOsa3 started in the last weeks, so there was no need to hurry
at all ;-)

Things are getting a bit different from what we know about GOsa2, so I
may need some more information about how Debian Edu uses parts of the
plugins listed below.

I've inlined some question about certain plugins and removed non
functionality related packges. Maybe you can add some hints for me

Is it possible to obtain a typical (anonymized) Debian EDU LDAP tree
that is suitable for testing? Maybe this is the easiest way to
understand how it's used.

Am Donnerstag, den 28.07.2016, 12:03 +0000 schrieb Mike Gabriel:
> Hi Cajus, hi Debian Edu people,
> Cajus a long time (several weeks) requested from me a list of
> features  
> in GOsa2 that are currently used / needed by Debian Edu. Background
> is  
> a GOsa2 rewrite targetting GOsa3.
> So here comes the list:
> Debian Edu defaults:
> gosa-plugin-dhcp
> gosa-plugin-dns
> gosa-plugin-goto
> gosa-plugin-systems

What features of the GOto plugin do you use? The tasks of the original
plugin are relatively wide spread from system deployment/configuration
and user/environment/application settings.

Luckily there's no gosa-plugin-fai installed, so at least the
deployment is done differently. FAI support will be dropped in future
versions of GOsa and we're going to share data/API with tools like "The

This may affect the current DNS/DHCP plugins. What do you use them for?
Complete zone management, or just client stuff?

> gosa-plugin-ldapmanager

What is used from that one?

> gosa-plugin-netgroups
> gosa-plugin-samba
> gosa-plugin-ssh

These are either already ported or are a non brainer.

> gosa-plugin-sudo

We had some discussion going on about the sudoers support and we're not
sure yet if it's worth the work.

Is it possible to use i.e. a group based approach in your setups, so
that a static sudoers/sudoers.d collection can be deployed?

> Plugins developed by me for our local school project that nicely  
> integrate with a Debian Edu GOsa²:
> gosa-plugin-mailaddress
> gosa-plugin-pwreset
> gosa-plugin-schoolmanager

These need to be ported when we're set. The mailaddress one is just
configuration. The others need some inspection. We've "workflow"
support now, so maybe these can simply be moved there. Needs discussion
when we're set.

Thanks for you help,

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