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please test: Debian Edu Jessie images, ment to be "final"


so I copied the daily build jessie images as of today (=build using
yesterdays 8.5 relase) away and now we need to test them and decide
whether we really want to release them as Debian Edu 8+edu0 "jessie"!

Please test!


verify you downloaded the right images:

Please note:

For installation notes please read:

After installation you need to:

When upgrading from wheezy please read:

Things needed to be done by us for the release:

a.) decide we want to release these images (if they are not obviously
broken I think we should as the alternative is probably waiting two more
months til 8.6 is released…)

b.) rename debian-edu-8+edu0-CD~final.iso and
debian-edu-8+edu0-USB~final.iso to debian-edu-8+edu0-CD.iso and

c.) configure our image build scripts to call new jessie builds "8+edu1".

d.) prepare a release announcement, probably in collaboration with the
Debian publicity team. (their processes handle translations of the
announcement as well.)

e.) release and announce Debian Edu Jessie 8+edu0 & party!

f.) continue work on 8+edu1

g.) continue work on stretch…

Anything I missed?

I'd hope we can get a+b+c done by Tuesday, prepare the announce til
Friday and then release and announce on Saturday, June 18th? It's not
that we are in a special hurry, but I'd like to get this done, soon.


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