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Re: Free tools question (alternatives to Transifex for the Spanish team of debian-edu?)

[Laura Arjona Reina]
> Hi!

Hi, and sorru for the late reply.  I just wanted to add to your

> I imagine the requirements are:
> * Web translation platform so it's easy
> * No self hosted to avoid administrative work
> * Modern, cool  :)
> There are not one but several free software alternatives to Transifex.
> I would suggest to try:
> * Zanata, as suggested
> * Translatewiki.net
> * weblate.org (hey! Created and maintained by Michal Cihar, a Debian
> Developer!)

Just adding to this discussion.  A happy user experience report for
weblate is available from 
<URL: https://lists.debian.org/debian-i18n/2016/05/msg00011.html >.

I've used Transifex for documentation, and Weblate for documentation and
programs, and both get the job done.  The translators (Ingrid and
Ole-Erik) of the nb manual are are now trained in using both, and would
be happy to switch from Transifex to Weblate.

Perhaps the Debian Edu project should start recommending Weblate for our
translations?  It will make life easier for translators, and probably
make it a lot easier to attract new translators.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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