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Bug#823151: Please remove the Recommends on fonts-mgopen

Package: education-desktop-other
Version: 1.812
Severity: normal


education-desktop-other is currently Recommend'ing fonts-mgopen,
presumably because for some time MgOpen was the only reasonable font
with Greek glyphs. The relevant changelog entry is “Added greek locale
dependencies to the tasks. Added packages are: …”, dated Apr 20th, 2006.

This was a long time ago. A standard Debian desktop should support Greek
just fine these days and MgOpen is actually in such a poor state that
it's even counterproductive to install it by default (the lack of the
Euro currency glyph is an example of that).

As such, I've requested from the ftp-masters its removal from the
archive. You can see the full rationale over at #819026.

In the meantime, please remove fonts-mgopen from the Recommends of


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