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Re: Bug#719624: Upgrading xrdp

Hi Andreas,

> I'm afraid I'm getting on your nerves […]

No, you absolutely don't. You are actually right in every single point.

> Is it really that hard to take
> the repository where official xrdp was maintained and if nothing else
> helps
>     rsync -a --delete -v <your_debian_dir> <debian_dir_in_git>
> commit all changes in block and push to the existing repository. […]
> […]
> Sorry for the harsh words but the silence in the repository makes
> me really nervous.

I do understand your concerns. And yes, for an autistic person, a simple thing 
like that can really be that hard once enough bad emotions are connected to 
it, perfection is hard to get by any means and stepping back is not a real 
option either. I do not expect you to understand that, and I do not blame you 
if you don't.

So, what I do now is promise that I'l get that done by Monday, 18th Aptil, 20 
o;clock CEST. If I don't manage to get it done by then, I ask you to take the 
job from me and do whatever you deem right.

Also, I kindly ask you to co-maintain the package after I got it finalised on 

Kind regards,

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