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Re: [debian-edu-commits] Still Failing: g-i-installation_debian-edu_jessie-daily-usb_main+ltsp-server/87

On Sun, Mar 06, 2016 at 02:18:30AM +0000, jenkins@jenkins.debian.net wrote:
> See 
> https://jenkins.debian.net/job/g-i-installation_debian-edu_jessie-daily-usb_main+ltsp-server/87/ 
> and 
> https://jenkins.debian.net/job/g-i-installation_debian-edu_jessie-daily-usb_main+ltsp-server/87//console 
> and 
> https://jenkins.debian.net/job/g-i-installation_debian-edu_jessie-daily-usb_main+ltsp-server/87//artifact/results/ 
> if there are any.

While unable to find out why installation fails on jenkins, I can report 
that using the same ISO image (as of Feb 25) in a virtualbox test 
environment is successful.

Installation is ok, and logging into both a thin client and a 
diskless workstation works like expected.


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