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Add SRV record to DNS


I have the following problem

Some MS users need KMS activations. The KMS server
is not in our school ( but still in the
10.164.X.Y subnet and resolves to a different internal
domain called whatever.ch.scu with the KMS calles ks1.whatever.ch.scu

I've tried to build up a zone for whatever.ch.scu and registering the ks1
to the appropriated IP, and added also a SRV line like into the zone

_vlmcs._tcp SRV 0 0 1688 IP

but I don't get activation.

nslookup resolves only on _vlmcs._tcp.whatever.ch.scu fqdn
and not on the short _vlmcs._tcp.

Any idea howto make it resolve on the short _vlmcs._tcp name
without messing up manually with db.intern (and putting it into
a conflict with ldap2dhcp script)? In GOsa for SRV record
I don't see any port option.



Giorgio Pioda - Sysadmin SPSE-Tenero
Cell +41 79 629 20 63
Tel  +41 58 468 62 48
Fax  +41 58 468 61 98

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