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Bug#794738: GOsa's tests::is_email() function complains about <user>@intern mail address

Package: gosa
Severity: important
Version: 2.7.4+reloaded2-2
Usertags: debian-edu@lists.debian.org
User: debian-edu
X-Debbugs-Cc: debian-edu@lists.debian.org

While playing with e-Mails in GOsa, I realized that GOsa² globally complains about given emails that only have a TLD as domain part, e.g. "mike.gabriel@intern". However, such domain names are fully valid and the default in a Debian Edu network.

The issue requires to be fixed in gosa-core/include/utils/class_test.inc. The regexp that tries to match an email-like string should be changed from


to something that applies more to RFC-5321 [1] / RFC-5322 (for further reading see [2]).


[1] http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5321#section-2.3.5
[2] http://www.regular-expressions.info/email.html


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