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New GOsa² plugin: gosa-plugin-mailaddress

Hi all,

already in Debian Edu squeeze it has not been possible to easily maintain an email address in GOsa². The only available plugin for doing that is gosa-plugin-mail.

That gosa-plugin-mail, however, is a much to heavy loaded tool for simply maintaining an email address. It is rather targeted for maintaing a mail server farm.

So today, I came up with a new plugin for GOsa²: gosa-plugin-mailaddress. It is a very condensed form of the gosa-plugin-mail and simply allows maintaining the LDAP attribute description "mail" via GOsa².

I needed this for a customer project and I release it to the public herewith: https://github.com/sunweaver/gosa-plugin-mailaddress.

An upload to Debian is aready in the NEW queue: https://ftp-master.debian.org/new/gosa-plugin-mailaddress_0.99.3-1.html

This plugin installs fine with a GOsa² 2.7.x site.


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