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Bug#794000: GOsa²'s post-pwchange Hook (gosa-sync) cannot handle ";" (semikolon) in passwords

Package: debian-edu-config
Severity: important
Version: 1.818

We encountered an important issue with GOsa² in Debian Edu: a user tried to change his password (via the adminstrative change password dialog).

The favourized password contains ";" (semicolon). Trying to use that password, results in

Post-even Hook reported problem. Could not verify password for '<user>'. Nothing done... The password change has been cancelled.
""" (Translated from a German error message)

""" (German)
Post-even-Hook meldete ein Problem: Could not verify password for '<user>'. Nothing done... Die Passwortänderungen wurde abgebrochen.

As the above message is produced by the debian-edu-config script gosa-sync (same error message is found in that script), it needs to be fixed there.


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