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Failed login after upgrade


After a usual update and upgrade and restart, kdm refused login on wheezy combiserver. saying  " A critical error occured. Please look at KDM's logfile(s) for more information or contact your system administrator"

KDM log said
klauncher(4645) kdemain: no dbus session-bus found. check if you have started the dbus server.

Dhcp failed to start saying
Cannot find host LDAP entry tjener (&(objectClass=dhcpServer)(cn=tjener)) was accessible externally but gosa was not accessible.
I decided to try a fresh install using debian usb 7.1 edu0 image I had and copy user's data after recreating the accounts.

Amazingly, the freshly installed KDM (separate machine) too refused to login with same error. Just that the dhcp was working and clients are booting. But, no login.

We have only clients/diskless stations for all students and teachers.

Any hints will be greatly appreciated.


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