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Again netgroup problems


yeterday evening ath the end the WS login was ok on 4 clients...

This morning still functional.

Then I wanted to set async mode to nfs and doing this i rebooted
the tjener instead of restarting only nfs services (I'v been lazy),
and SURPRISE. Login is not any more possible. Even reverting back
to sync mode doersn't change, so i guess the triggering event has been
the reboot, not the nfs modification.

More. Calling nscd -i hangs for long time. Thus i restarted manually
nscd and nslcd, after this nscd -i started running again. But still no
WS login.

I'm slowly thinking that there is some kind of race condition at boot
between ncsd/autofs/nfs4. Woould be wise if someboby else could
try to reproduce my events.



Giorgio Pioda - Sysadmin SPSE-Tenero
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