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Half step forward with netgroups


finally some interesting point.

The NFS mounting accept/reject decision is taken in tjener, based on the
workstation-hosts netgroup population. I've lost a lot of time resetting
the nscd cache client side, but this is irrelevant.

Now the point. At the moment I could switch the unique WS which is able
to mount NFS. The WS which is allowed to mount nfs is only the first
one in order appearing in the list output of the command

netgroup workstaions-hosts

For example right now I have as output 4 lines (2 WS) like


and only my WS called client8855 can mount. Is it possible that the
FQDN parsing can block further list reading? (Or the opposite of course).
Is a double entry for 1 single WS necessary?


P.S: In the whole morinig I had client8847 on top list allowed to mount

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