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Some more relevant info about mounting?


what I see comparing log files on tjener between succesful home0 mount
on the first installed WS (which still works despite the fact that
is not any more in the worksattion-host group in ldap!)
whith other WS that should mount and do not is
a log list of rpc.gssd ERRORS for the failing mounts, complaining that
there is no krb5.keytab and the last error is:

ERROR: gssd_refresh_krb5_machine_credential: no usable ...
ERROR: No credential found for connection to server tjener.inter

All these error are NOT there at log of the mount for the working WS

I assume there is some default/hidden kerberization. I test right now to
put keytab. Let see


Giorgio Pioda - Sysadmin SPSE-Tenero
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