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Bug#785214: sitesummary: postinst hangs after exit


>> This causes the environment to be inherited to Apache and the debconf db
>> file descriptor remaining open, causing the postinst wrapper to hang on
>> exit.
>> The package is uninstallable without editing the postinst script
>> accordingly.
> Thank you for testing and discovering this.  How did you detect it?  Is
> there some way to detect this automatically?  Would be useful to have a
> test for it in autpkgtest.

I detected it by simply doing apt-get install sitesummary, which decided
to stop in postinst. I enabled set -x and found that it hung after exit
0, which seemed a bit odd because exit 0 is one of the commands that I'd
expect to fail least. A quick discussion with a colleague turned up that
it was in fact dpkg hanging after calling postinst, and the reason for
that was known here (and can be found using a search engine ;)).

> Do you have a patch to fix it?  I suspect using db_stop or something
> like that should be able to solve it.

See the existing patch in this bug report.

> On the other hand, it is good behaviour of daemons to close all file
> descriptors before daemonizing.  It would be nice if Apache did that.

Probably, but I do not know enough about stuff like that to be of any
help there.


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