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Bug#780591: ltsp-client-builder fails when installing Debian Edu combined server in virtualbox environment

On 2015-03-17, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Wolfgang Schweer]
>>> Did you remove it manually, or from the installed debian-edu-config
>>> package? The timing of removal may be significant.
>> removed it inside target while software was installed before the LTSP 
>> step happened. I guessed this would be early enough.
>> d-i syslog up to the failure occurs is here (short time only):
>> http://edu.schweer-online.de/syslog.bz2
>> any idea?
> I tested a usbstick install, and as far as I can tell, the failing mount
> is the code in the udeb postinst:
> if [ "$USE_CDROM" != "false" ] && [ ! -f /target/media/cdrom/.disk/info ]; then
>     chroot /target mount /media/cdrom
>     log "mounting /media/cdrom"
> fi
> I added 'set -x' at the top of the postinst script to figure out what is
> going on.  I'm not sure why it fail.

Is it mounted at that point? Does /target/etc/fstab contain an entry for
/media/cdrom (or one that the /media/cdrom symlink points to)? Is
USE_CDROM set to "false" (either through preseeding or boot prompt
ltsp-client-builder/use_cdrom=true/false)? Do the debian-edu images
contain ".disk/info"?

Those are a few things that could go wrong off the top of my head...

It worked for me using the d-i daily images, so I suspect some
difference with the debian-edu images...

live well,

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