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Bug#779649: debian-edu: should use squid3 instead of unmaintained squid after upgrade from wheezy

Source: debian-edu
Version: 1.811
Severity: normal

While testing to upgrade a combined server (profiles: Main-Server, 
Workstation, Thin-Client-Server) from wheezy to jessie I noticed a 
problem concerning squid. While squid still works, the package should be 
replaced with squid3 as squid isn't available in jessie and we would 
IMHO end up with an unmaintained package.

After squid3 was installed and configured using cfengine, this worked to 
keep the cache; a new swap file was generated and the cache index was 
rebuilt upon first squid3 start:

service squid3 stop
service squid stop
umount /var/spool/squid
sed -i 's#/var/spool/squid#/var/spool/squid3#' /etc/fstab
mount /var/spool/squid3
service squid3 start
apt-get -y purge squid squid-common


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