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Re: Skolelinux + Owncloud 8.0 community

[Giorgio Pioda]
> How would you rate the security, setting owncloud on https only and
> using ldaps to connect to tjener.intern (owncloud server and
> tjener.intern would sit in the same room, tjener on a 10.*.*.* network
> and owncloud on a public IP; comunication between then shouldn't leave
> the internal network switch).

As long as the passwords always are transfered on encrypted connections
and the owncloud server check the SSL certificate of the LDAP server, I
would be comforable with deploying such setup.

But be aware that we have a long term plan to drop the LDAP
authentication option, if we can get everything to switch to Kerberos

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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