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Update breaks Gosa

On Skole7, the current stable, if you do apt-get update && apt-get
upgrade, gosa stops working, because it doesn't get a connection to the

Schwerer Fehler
Fehler beim Verbinden mit dem LDAP-Server: Could not bind to
cn=gosa-admin,ou=ldap-access,dc=skole,dc=skolelinux,dc=no (während der
Arbeit auf LDAP-Server 'ldap://ldap.intern')

Bitte beheben Sie obigen Fehler und laden die Seite neu.

I preliminary fixed it by getting an 'adminPassword' from

cat /etc/gosa/gosa.conf.orig | grep -o 'adminPassword=".*"'

And putting this password into
into line 473, i added:

then Gosa works again.


Would be nice though if updates wouldn't break systems in the first place.


Moritz Molle

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