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Re: #755997 affects debian-edu-config

Hi Wolfgang,

thanks for updating #755997, I'm now also sending this to the bug directly, so 
other see it more easily...

On Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014, Wolfgang Schweer wrote:
> affects #755997 debian-edu-config
> The dhclient exit hook script 'hostname' fails to be executed in some
> cases due to the hardcoded (wrong) path to arping in package
> network-manager.
> network-manager-
> const char *argv[] = { "/sbin/arping", mode_arg, "-q", "-I",
> nm_device_get_ip_iface (self), "-c", "1", NULL, NULL };

jessie currently has:

$ apt-file search bin/arping
arping: /usr/sbin/arping
iputils-arping: /usr/bin/arping

You said it "sometimes fails to be executed" - and I wonder which are the 
circumstances when it succeeds?

Also, what is the effect on Debian Edu? I wonder whether the severity of 
#755997 should be upgraded...


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