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Re: jessie: slbackup-php

[Wolfgang Schweer]
> Jessie sshd configuration replaced 'PermitRootLogin yes' with 
> 'PermitRootLogin without-password'. As slbackup-php uses ssh root login 
> with password to connect to the backupserver for configuration purposes, 
> the gui is no longer useable unless this change is reverted temporarily.
> Instead, with the file /etc/slbackup-php/config.php in place, the root 
> user could be replaced with the 'first user':
> chown root:gosa-admins /etc/slbackup/slbackup.conf
> chmod 664 /etc/slbackup/slbackup.conf
> sed -i s/username/$(debconf-get-selections | grep first-user-name | cut -f4)/ /etc/slbackup-php/config.php
> The first user will then be able to configure the backup but a change of 
> the backup time will need manual editing with root permissions cause for 
> the file /etc/cron.d/slbackup owner and permissions can be changed 
> like above but cron will refuse to execute the job in this case.
> (Instead of the 'first user' it can be done similar for any other user 
> belonging to the 'gosa-admins' group.)

What about generating a ssh key for the root user and use it for the
initial setup?  Will it work?

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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