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Re: Reduce libcolord2 recommends on colord to suggests?

On Thu, Jul 31, 2014 at 5:43 PM, Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:
[Christopher James Halse Rogers]

Hi. :)

 I'm somewhat leary of reducing the strength of the dependency for a
 temporary installability problem; colord meets the requirement of
“should be present on all but unusual configurations” when you've
 got libcolord2 installed.

When looking at the two packages in isolation, I have no doubt you are
right.  But when seen from the more distant dependencies (like
notification-daemon or any other package depending on libgtk-3-0), I
believe it do not make sense to say that colord should be present on
all but unusual configuration for all these packages.  Do you agree?

Yes, for notification-daemon. Since colord is only used in printing support, if we had a way to specify “Recommends: colord (if_package_uses_gtks_printing_symbols)” then I'd certainly use that.

My feeling is that a fairly significant number of GTK+ applications use the printing infrastructure, and so, although it's not useful for *all* rdepends of libgtk-3-0, I don't think it's unreasonable for libgtk-3-0 to pull in colord.

 Since this would seem to be both temporary (until you migrate to
 systemd) and fairly specific to Debian-Edu's particular installation

I suspect you misunderstand.

Correct :). I'm (obviously) not familiar with the debian-installer infrastructure.

This is a really generic problem
affecting the Debian installer, not something specific to Debian Edu.

When Debian manage to switch to systemd, the issue will be hidden
again.  So it is not a question of when Debian Edu migrate, it is a
question of when we all in Debian migrate. :)

I'm not sure that ‘hidden’ is the right word here. The problem is precisely the in-progress transition to systemd. A component that colord depends on (policykit-1) has a dependency (libpam-systemd) that temporarily depends on only systemd-sysv (once cgroupmanager makes it through NEW and the new systemd-shim is uploaded it will be an acceptable alternative).

So this should be resolved either by the completion of the systemd transition or the upload of a new libpam-systemd with a systemd-shim alternate dependency.

The apt-install tool is the official way to install packages in d-i,
and I suspect the issue discovered by Debian Edu also affect others
trying to use the official Debian installation system.  Anyone trying
to use Debian installer with Jessie today to install extra packages
(using for example preseeding) will trigger this problem if the
package depend on libgtk-3-0.

 does apt-install allow you to do the equivalent of a “apt install
 debian-edu-install colord-” to install debian-edu-install while
 explicitly denying the installation of colord? You could use that to
 work around the problem until systemd's bedded down.

I'll check if this work, but it will only solve it for Debian Edu, not
for all the other users of the Debian installation system.

If it's significantly inconvenient I can temporarily reduce the Recommends to a Suggests, but I don't think this is the right place to fix the problem.

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