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Thunar problems

I use the skolelinux edition of debian Wheezy with xfce desktop and have a strange problem with trash. The users has access to a nfs share symlinced into there homefolder. When trashing files from that share I get the error "Could not trash file,  Invalid cross-device link" (translated from swedish). 
But "strace trash file 2>&1 | grep Trash works nicely.
The deleted files even shows up in the desktop-waste bin and can be emptied from there (and the files in the mounted share root dir .Trash-uid/files are removed.)

How can I trace what is going wrong when trashing from thunar, since it works with trash command from cli? Thunar must work somewhat correctly since the files shows up in waste bin when trashed using cli, and can be emptied from there via Trash bin desktop (right click, Empty trash can).

When trashing from share it should move the file to root of share/.Trash-uid/files or give an error "Cant trash file, do you want to remove permanently?" error, not this cross-link error. Shift-deleting works though, since it does not use the trash can. Anyone had similar issues? I use the semifat setup, where the clients loads the os from the server, but run the applications locally.

Greetings /George

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