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Re: Dutch translation effort for debian-edu-doc: two questions

Op 24-04-14 23:25:36 schreef Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Frans Spiesschaert]
> >
> >
> > I wonder if it would make sense to still translate the 
> > squeeze manual into Dutch (in view of a terminating 
> > security support on 31 May I wasn't intending to do 
> so).
> I believe it only make sense to translate the Wheezy
> manual.  If you
> want to translate more, translate the user software (KDE,
> Iceweasel,
> LibreOffice, vlc, debian-installer, etc, etc).

In general Dutch is rather well supported as it comes to 
user software. I'm not sure if this is also the case for 
educational software. I need to take a closer look at it. 
It would be nice to have such software available in Dutch, 
since the Ministry of Education in Flanders endorses the 
use of open source software.

> > The git-repo of debian-edu-doc also has pot files for
> the rosegarden
> > manual and the audacity manual. But since these manuals
> are based on
> > program versions from the Debian Edu Etch 3.0 release, 
> I
> suppose
> > they are really obsolete and translating them doesn't
> make much
> > sense. Or am I wrong?
> As far as I know, the rosegarden is still valid.  No idea
> about the
> audacity manual.

OK, I'll see when I can get to it.

> -- 
> Happy hacking
> Petter Reinholdtsen

Frans Spiesschaert 

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