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Re: Mass deployment - can we learn anything from this project?


On Tue, Jan 28, 2014 at 12:18:01AM +0100, Ralf Gesellensetter wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Oliver just pointed to this example of mass deployment
> on the German user list. I wonder what we can learn from
> it, in your opinion?
> http://www.pennmanor.net/techblog/?p=1821

I have only read up to

  "program rapidly copies our custom Ubuntu image from one master laptop"

I think dumping whatever image is less clever than using FAI.

Besides more flexibility (you could use different hardware) I would
think that delivering uninstalled hardware and let FAI run once a
student switches it on the first time inside the network to let FAI
do its work is even less exhausting than the described procedure -
but I might be wrong.

Kind regards



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