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How to stop leases from dhcp?


I use skolelinux squeeze and I would like to prevent people from unplugging ws and connecting laptops to the network. So I would like dhcp to hand out leases for all workstations that are setup in ldap (Gosa2), but stop handing out leases to every node that connects. That is not a hard thing in dhcp, but how do you do it in this setup, where all settings are stored in ldap?
I would like to do the same even thin clients, not only ws.
I know I can block on mac-address in the switches to prevent this behaviour, but it would be way easier just to prevent a lease to be handed out.  If they know the ip-setup they  can manually configure there laptop to access the network if not blocked in the switch, but I dont see that that will be a big problem here.

Any advice?   Regards  /George

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