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General Assembly and Debian++ developer gathering in Oslo and Trondheim January 10-12, 2014

Dear Sir / Madam,


ALIMEX CONSULTANT LTD is a wholly Kenyan owned firm established and fully registered in year 2004. Our main objective is to provide professional ICT services for business growth. We have diligently served our clients with the best and most effective services that have seen their business grow beyond expectations and we are glad that just as our services have been of value to them, their feedback has been of more value to us. Bridges, as our team is known continuously analyzes updates and modifies the business model and service delivery methods when necessary to suit our client’s requirements. The company’s major areas of business include web services, software, online marketing, mobile phone applications and internet solutions.


The Company continues to build and expand our business foundation across a variety of sectors, in ways only available to a state of the art company of our status. In our journey, we have cultivated the integrity of our customers over the years and build a partnership of mutual benefit. This is the cornerstone of our business without which our growth could have retarded.  Our driving principle is to meet customers' demand on product and price entirely. Great majority of customers are highly satisfied with our prices and super fast service.  Bridge ICT has been rewarded with 100% loyalty from our satisfied client based since inception in 2004. We consider our commitment to supporting our clients through their challenges a key factor in this achievement.


 However, if you could give us a chance to share and learn in this event it would be of great significance and we guarantee that we would finance our employee name below with our air tickets to and from, accomodation, upkeep and also pay for any registration fee.  We, therefore kindly request you to

issue us with invitation letters for the below persons;-



KENYA PASSPORT NO: A2073888 -- DATES OF BIRTH: 25/12/1972 --PASSPORT ISSUE DATES: 03/10/2013   -- EXPIRY DATES: 02/11/2023


Sincerely Yours,



Mrs. Irene N. Mwangi


P.O. BOX 34694-00100


Tel: +254 20 8091924 /

Fax: +254 20 2242153

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