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Re: Who got the twitter accounts for Skolelinux?

[Mike Gabriel]
> The accounts skolelinux_org and skolelinux_DE got reserved by Stefan
> Peters from the German Skolelinux group in Berlin. He sent me the
> credentials at the weekend and now Petter will take care about
> skolelinux_org whereas I still have skolelinux_DE here, but I will
> not use Twitter. So if any German speaking person would like to
> represent Skolelinux on Twitter, please ping me.

Thank you very much.  I've already send my first twitter message using
the skolelinux_org account to bring it to life and test that it was
working. :)

Also, today I managed to find out who control the skolelinux twitter
account.  It is Ole-Anders Andreassen, but he no longer have access to
it.  We will work together to try to get the access back, but we first
need to resurrect he email account he used to control it.

If you use twitter, you could now consider follwing these accounts:

  <URL: https://twitter.com/Skolelinux >
  <URL: https://twitter.com/skolelinux_org >
  <URL: https://twitter.com/Skolelinux_DE >

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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