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Re: FreeRadius & KCRAP whishlist

On Thu, Oct 10, 2013 at 03:31:22PM +0200, Giorgio Pioda wrote:

> Wolfgang, you where very kind with me about SeucureW2 (on tested 
> laptop only the very old version works, strangely) 

As I found out recently, the version you've tested is supposed to be 
newer (and not open source).

The progam name was changed in between, resulting in two SecureW2 
programs with different versioning.

(1) SecureW2, Open Source since version 3.0.0 until the end (v. 3.3.3,
Sep. 2007).

(2) SecureW2 Eap suite, starting Nov. 2007 as version 1.0, Open Source 
until version 1.1.3, Jan. 2008. 

Seems to be you've tested SecureW2 Eap suite, version 2.0.4 (date?).

The last Open Source version 1.1.3 seems to be usable with Windows 7; 
since Windows 8, WPA2 EAP-TTLS-PAP should work w/o additional software.

> but how to force people installing additional software, if they do not 
> want?

I told the head of school and my fellow teachers that only WPA2 
Enterprise could be supported due to security and legal considerations, 
the head of school being responsible if something weird happened. It was 
pointed out that a lot of universities (in Germany) were using SecureW2 
as well. IIRC this was a good point to convince them that SecureW2 was 
safe to use. As soon as Radius auth was working, access points were 
configured to only support Radius. So in the end, they were forced a 
little bit...


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