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Re: roaming laptop to edit files on tjener

>what application do you use for ,,editing'' those files?

If I try an odt, libre office starts to open and then dies. If I try
most other file types, the apps open with a new file instead of the
one on tjener. (eg. gimp, leafpad, inkscape, even pdf viewers open
blank). There is no problem dragging files into the share from the
laptop - they save correctly.

I am using lxde and pcmanfm. I tried installing nautilus to see if
that changed anything, but it didn't.

I have the same behaviour from plain wheezy, and from bodhi (ubuntu
with enlightenment), but not from mint debian edition. I am too
unskilled to see what is different in mint (also lxde, but with

btw I am talking about samba here. smb://tjener/username.



On 2 October 2013 17:18, Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel@das-netzwerkteam.de> wrote:
> Hi Nigel,
> On  Di 01 Okt 2013 09:37:12 CEST, Nigel Barker wrote:
>> Hi All
>> A roaming profile machine can browse to tjener, using the username for
>> the share. However, files can't be edited there. You have to copy them
>> locally to edit, then copy them back after.
>> How can I fix it so that it would work like a win or mac laptop?
>> thanks
>> Nigel
> what application do you use for ,,editing'' those files?
> Mike
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