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packages.txt files for Debian Edu installation media in new blends-dev framework (Was: [SCM] blends-gsoc branch, master, updated. 75b5171f9a66f8ef5bc49e8922375e551464c236)

Hi Emmanouil,

when reading your commit log I wonder whether I fully understand this
but IMHO the source package needs to contain all packages.txt.<arch>
files to be able to create the installation medium for any target
architecture in question.

But may be I might have missunderstood something.

Kind regards


On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 07:03:53PM +0000, Emmanouil Kiagias wrote:
> The following commit has been merged in the master branch:
> commit 0926d3be8f59e921445772d0b30bde74e788357d
> Author: Emmanouil Kiagias <e.kiagias@gmail.com>
> Date:   Fri Aug 30 20:48:19 2013 +0200
>     print_all_packages() for a specific arch is now available with -a argument(arch must provided after -a), providing the same output as current blend-gen-control when it gets the -a arg. Needs more testing to make sure the output is totally correct
> diff --git a/devtools/sec-blend-gen-control b/devtools/sec-blend-gen-control
> index 86f315f..80483fc 100755
> --- a/devtools/sec-blend-gen-control
> +++ b/devtools/sec-blend-gen-control
> @@ -117,7 +117,7 @@ class UDD_connector:
>          #just check if any of the rows retured is empty
>          return [ release[0] for release in self.__execute_query(query) if release[0] ]
> ...


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