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debian-edu-config_1.714_amd64.changes ACCEPTED into unstable


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Format: 1.8
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 13:15:53 +0200
Source: debian-edu-config
Binary: debian-edu-config debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups
Architecture: source all
Version: 1.714
Distribution: unstable
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Debian Edu Developers <debian-edu@lists.debian.org>
Changed-By: Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@debian.org>
 debian-edu-config - Configuration files for Skolelinux systems
 debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups - netgroups plugin for GOsa²
Closes: 720396 720575
 debian-edu-config (1.714) unstable; urgency=low
   * Uploaded to the Debian Edu archive as debian-edu-config 1.714~svn82279:
   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Adjust LTSP build to mount /sys in LTSP chroot during built, to
     fix problem with oss-compat installation on some machine, where
     modprobe snd-seq calls itself recursively.
   * Uploaded to the Debian Edu archive as debian-edu-config 1.714~svn82272:
   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Fix typo in show-welcome-webpage, and quiet down script.
   [ Holger Levsen ]
   * debian-edu-config.postrm: rm -f /etc/default/enable-nat, /etc/kderc,
     /etc/kde-user-profile and /var/lib/dovecot/auth_success.
   * Uploaded to the Debian Edu archive as debian-edu-config 1.714~svn82256:
   [ Wolfgang Schweer ]
   * Fix cf/cf.ntp to make line matching work.
   * Remove cf/cf.lwat, cause lwat is no longer installed.
   * Remove cf.lwat from Makefile and cf/cfengine.conf.
   * Update postinst to reflect the change.
   * Uploaded to the Debian Edu archive as debian-edu-config 1.714~svn82243:
   [ Wolfgang Schweer ]
   * init-ltsp.d/08-edu-hostname: fix typos.
   * init-ltsp.d/60-edu-diskless-ws:
      - set proxies by calling 'update-proxy-from-wpad' directly instead
        of using dhclient.
      - remove all internet connectivity needing ntp servers from
        /etc/ntp.conf to avoid useless lookups.
   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Rewrite code finding the localized welcome page to handle the fact
     that $LANGCODE can contain multiple values separated by colon.
   * Rewrite code to show welcome page to show
     http://www.skolelinux.org/ if no URL is found in LDAP.
   * Move code to remove unwanted NTP servers from the NTP setup on
     LTSP clients from init-ltsp.d/60-edu-diskless-ws to cf/cf.ntp, to
     make sure it is only done once during installation and not every
     time a client boot.
   * Move code to update proxy settings in the LTSP chroot from
     init-ltsp.d/60-edu-diskless-ws to
     resolvconf/update.d/ltsp-chroots, to do it when DNS settings
     change instead of every client boot.
   * Uploaded to the Debian Edu archive as debian-edu-config 1.714~svn82232:
   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Fix typos blocking the init-ltsp.d/08-edu-hostname from working.
   * Uploaded to the Debian Edu archive as debian-edu-config 1.714~svn82224:
   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Make sure LTSP host name setting work properly by calling
     ltsp-init-ltsp.d/10-resolv-conf before 08-edu-hostname, thus
     allowing DNS lookups to determine host name and shave 10 seconds
     from the boot time.  Thanks to Wolfgang Schweer for discovering
     the problem.
   * Add code in postrm to remove the files /etc/default/enable-nat,
     /var/lib/dovecot/auth_success, /etc/kde-user-profile and
     /etc/kderc during purge, to remove all traces of our package.
     Thank you piuparts for discovering the issue.
   * Stop using absolute path to update-alternatives in
     /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/99-edu-prefer-iceweasel (Closes: #720575).
     Thanks to Sharon Kimble for noticing and Guillem Jover for finding
     the cause.
   * Uploaded to the Debian Edu archive as debian-edu-config 1.714~svn82213:
   [ Wolfgang Schweer ]
   * Fix KDE proxy settings by changing ioslaverc to use
     http://wpad/wpad.dat for proxy settings (ProxyType=2) instead of
     depending on KDE to find the proxy on its own (ProxyType=3).
   * Show localized welcomepage for supported languages by checking
     www/index.html.$LANGCODE in share/tools/show-welcome-page.
   [ Petter Reinholdtsen ]
   * Make sure gosa-create ignore errors from nscd, as the calls will
     fail if nscd isn't running, and in that case we do not need to
     invalidate the caches (Closes: #720396).
 09caf85d5e12e3cb464efb2476d7f1a3f16a4715 1375 debian-edu-config_1.714.dsc
 086e86e2e08c4e72343ad3fe45018493de5ce47c 526444 debian-edu-config_1.714.tar.gz
 a5d363ac2373c8681a8934959ccd2e664ed8bfbd 416106 debian-edu-config_1.714_all.deb
 af57b4d5db32950a58921690d366484f5b4f972a 123252 debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups_1.714_all.deb
 a7a5dd0bb7a5966269c0cd3d12ab0dde8f989576a07404045c88b9dc693a97be 1375 debian-edu-config_1.714.dsc
 680299910af7ab0751f74a5ccfb83f850c38e4cd061c09ef8b6a079f3e996bf6 526444 debian-edu-config_1.714.tar.gz
 63f27946cf378633232638149bffcc428ae75ebd55082e21417f6f49804e25c9 416106 debian-edu-config_1.714_all.deb
 a56517f071f048f3dd6b080fbac15b7e8bdb360f769ea1a5dfabc120de522bce 123252 debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups_1.714_all.deb
 aa24a7c7b36b6124a7dc5742297bc04e 1375 misc extra debian-edu-config_1.714.dsc
 c13d4c6cd228fb4b90e3cad508abd92e 526444 misc extra debian-edu-config_1.714.tar.gz
 0e4e70db688da9553852c805f2a47829 416106 misc extra debian-edu-config_1.714_all.deb
 bdaa80f7f4ec9f08999b2f41e86ad116 123252 misc extra debian-edu-config-gosa-netgroups_1.714_all.deb

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