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Bug#641122: desktop-profiles: package description do not respect the Debian general guidelines

[Davide Prina 2011-10-10]
> The package description don't respect the General guidelines for
> package descriptions[1]: "The first paragraph of the long description
> should answer the following questions: what does the package do? what
> task does it help the user accomplish? It is important to describe
> this in a non-technical way, unless of course the audience for the
> package is necessarily technical."
> I think that the 2° paragraph must be the 1°

I am probably blinded by knowing too much about the package, but it seem
pretty clear to me.  Can you propose a improved text that you belive
will solve the issue?  This is the current text:

 Description: framework for setting up desktop profiles

  The different Desktop environments in Debian all offer the possibility
  of customizing them through the use of profiles (sets of configuration
  and/or data files). Usually it's also possible to stack configuration
  sets, combining the customizations provided by a number of profiles.

  This package offers a standard cross-desktop way of managing the
  conditional activation of available profiles. As such it is useful to
  both administrators (allowing different configurations for different
  sets of users) and CDD's (who want to have a configuration customized
  for a certain target group).

  This package currently supports setting up profiles for KDE, GNOME,
  ROX, Xfce (>=4.2), GNUSTEP, UDE, and Freedesktop. Freedesktop profiles
  allow you to do a (growing amount of) cross-desktop customization,
  while the other profile kinds allow you to customize the respective
  desktop environments to various degrees.

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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