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Re: Bug#718858: Add NETDOWN=no to /etc/default/halt on DLWs / TCs

Hi Petter,

On Di 06 Aug 2013 11:34:32 CEST Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:

[Mike Gabriel]
in order to completely end the shutdown process on diskless
workstations (+ also on thin clients) and also in order to make sure
the network cards remains on standby (waiting for WOL packages), we
discovered that machines are smoother during shutdown/WOL if we

Should this be done also for workstations, for shutdown-at-night and
wake-on-lan to work properly with these?  It sound like something we
should enable for everything except the standalone profile

The issue seems to be heavily NIC hardware specific. As it does not hurt (I guess), setting NETDOWN=no on all networked machines might be a good idea.

The issue got reported to me by one of our admin staff guys (Marcel). I will re-test / confirm the issue around WOL on the same site (where he figured out the above) myself.



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